Paradise Spa Vacuum

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Paradise Spa Vac

This durable spa vac is perfect for spas or above ground pools. Aluminum telescopic pole provides user flexibility for hard to reach areas. No pumping, batteries, or water hook-ups needed - uses air & water pressure to suction. Removes small stones, pennies, marbles, sand, etc.
The "Paradise Spa Vac" is a self contained unit that requires no electricity or water hookups. Debris is sucked up into a clear acrylic container located within the wand as you pull up on the handle which contains a reusable washable filter disc.

Complete spa vacuuming takes about a minute or two and leaves your spa looking fresh and new.

Emptying the unit is very easy by simply removing the internal catch basket and dumping it out.

A SPA VACUUM is a great addition to your tub !