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Winter Swimming Pool Covers For Above Ground Pools

Arctic Armor Winter Pool Covers for Above Ground Swimming Pools

Rugged polyethylene scrim and coating means these covers can withstand winter’s worst. Arctic Armor covers are U.V. protected so they will last for years in direct sunlight. The cover’s black underside retards algae growth and heat sealed seams means a crystal clear pool next spring. The big 4 foot overlap ensures a proper fit and helps the cover from stretching and ripping like covers with 3 foot overlaps.
Choose from 8, 12 & 15 Year Warranties.
Please note that the longer the warranty, the better the cover material. The cover is made of a more heavy duty material...and therefore more expensive. You decide which quality cover best suits your needs.

Due to the extremely high demand for pool covers this season we may run out of the particular brand we are advertising. If this happens, we will substitute a different brand of cover. Same warranty, same quality, just different brand. However, The COLOR of the cover may differ. It will either be Green or Blue. We will not notify you if this occurs with your order. We will just substitute it out and ship it to you. If color is an issue for you, please give us a call before you order and we will check our available stock. Thank you.




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