Underwater Cordless Power Drills



Nemo is the world’s 1st Electric Waterproof Drill.
Easy to carry and maneuver, and works just like that drill hanging out in your garage. No need for tubes, connectors, or any other equipment–Nemo is cordless.


Spend less time installing lights and main drains and more time lounging in the pool this summer. Nemo Power Tools – manufacturer of the world’s first submersible cordless power tools – has been selling to the pool and spa industry since 2013. Our innovative waterproof drills are being used by thousands of pool professionals around the world.
With our tools in hand, there’s no need to drain the pool or spa you’re working on in order to drive screws or drill holes, saving you and your customers time and money.
Our innovative tools are light, maneuverable and feature the some of the world’s most advanced technologies to help you do your tough jobs better.


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