Medium Aqua Art

Medium 23 inch wide underwater art for your pool. Dress up your pool with the  look of tile mosaic at a fraction of the cost. Drop in pool art allows you to  place the mat in the bottom of the pool with no installation. All you do is  simply take the pool mat out of the box, unroll, and let it sink to the bottom  of the pool. Once it is in the bottom of the pool it will really look like it is  either painted on the bottom, or real tile mosaic.

You will be shocked at the  reaction from your friends. Great for parties, events, or gifts. If you want to  remove from the pool, you simply take the mat out of the pool. It will not  interfere with pool vacuums, or water quality.

It is printed with water  resistant dies, and has special UV inhibitors, and mold resistant coating. 

Proudly made in USA!

Size: 23" Diameter

Please Note: Actual color may vary slightly on product


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