Nemo Underwater Drill, Diver Model, 164 Ft Depth, 6Ah

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Nemo Underwater Drill

The Nemo DIVERS Edition offers commercial, research, and recreational divers a salt-water ready tool for a variety of tasks, such as tagging coral reefs for research and cleaning barnacles off of boats and yachts. The Nemo DIVERS Edition has a maximum operating depth of 164 ft.

This two speed drill boasts a salt-water resistant black and red paint job and comes with:

A durable carrying case
A battery charger
A pressure valve and Nemo pump to pressurize the grinder for jobs done in deep water
Two 18V 6Ah Lithium Ion batteries, to make sure you’re ready for jobs that require extra power and time

Product Specs:

Voltage System: 18v
Battery: 18v Li-Ion 6Ah x 2
Submersion Depth: 164 ft
Average Battery Life: 1-3 Hours, 2-6 Hours
Maximum RPM: 400 RPM Low, 1500 RPM High
Chuck Size: 1/2"
Max Torque: 345 Inch Pounds