TidalWave Pool Pump for Above Ground Pools

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TidalWave Pool Pump for Above Ground Pools

The TidalWave 2-speed energy efficient above ground pool pump lets you choose the pump speed that best fits the job for great energy cost savings. Slower flowing water means less friction in your filter and plumbing system, and thus less energy usage, so set the pump to low speed for everyday operation. When more power is needed to vacuum the pool or run other accessories, switch pump to high speed.

Featuring corrosion proof polymer construction that will deliver years of reliable service, these pumps also provide a convenient hair/lint trap to ensure crystal clear water. The TidalWave high performance pump is quiet, efficient and self priming. Top discharge design fits most filters and its extra large clear lid allows for easy cleaning. Replace your old inefficient pump with this 2-speed water moving dynamo.

Comes with a 6ft cord – 115volt AC
Available in 2 sizes: 1 HP and 1.5 HP

Dual port design for either vertical or horizontal discharge; fits most filter systems
Meets new local codes requiring energy-saving, multi-speed pool pumps
1750 rpm low speed - energy saving speed for normal operation
3450 RPM high speed - for extra power when using pump with additional equipment like a pool vacuum
Not legal for sale in California
Simply toggle rocker switch at the rear of the motor to change speeds
Comes with power cord and fittings Included