Inground Pool Cover Water Tubes

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 Water Tubes for Inground Pool Covers
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Super heavy duty virgin vinyl water bags will last and last.
Our rugged water tubes will not split like thinner 14- or 16-gauge bags.
These water tubes are available in single or double chamber styles.
We have Special Corner Tubes and Tubes especially made for the step area. 
We have 8' and 10' length tubes and money saving Discount Packs if you buy in quantity
Up to 33% heavier than other bags. Quality Halkey Roberts® no-leak valves are easily filled with a garden hose.
Water Tube Sizing Chart
"You And Your Water Tubes"
Water Tubes Buyer's Guide Articles:
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In Ground Pool Water Tubes Buyers Guide
One of the most important items you will need to close your Inground swimming pool for the winter is something as simple as water tubes. These tubes play an extremely important part in keeping your above ground or inground swimming pool cover secure over the winter months. Some swimming pool owners use things like soda bottles or other household items to hold down their cover but at some point during the winter your cover may come off. To prevent that from happening, offers a variety of water tubes that would work perfectly for your swimming pool.
Inground pool water tubes come in different sizes and either single or double wall. The length ranges from 4 feet to 10 feet. The water tube bags are an important part of the swimming pool closing process so you want to make sure that you have the right tubes and not some cheap brand that will rip mid way through the season. has what you need. We provide a chart that will help you calculate how many water bags you will need to properly close your swimming pool. We only offer the stronger and most reliable water tubes. Our Water Bags are 18 Gauge vinyl and will not split or tear like some of the other lighter tubes on the market.
Single Water Tubes

Now that you have found a safe and secure way to hold down the corners of your in ground swimming pool, you are ready to secure the rest of the pool. One option we offer is the Single Water Tube. Our single water tubes are available in an 18-gauge vinyl, which is one of the strongest water tubes being sold today. offers two sizes an 8-foot and a 10-foot single water tube. You can choose either to close your pool but if you want to get the maximum benefit of these water tubes then you should measure the sides of the swimming pool and determine how many feet you need. For example, if the sides of your swimming pool were 20 feet then (2) 10-foot single tube water bags would be the best option rather than using (3) 8-foot bags.
Just like the corner water tubes, use your garden hose to fill the single water tubes about three quarters of the way and then close the cap. This will allow for the expanding ice that will form inside the bag and keep it from ripping and tearing. There is a trick to stopping that from happening. If you want to add more water then you may want to add a product called swimming pool anti freeze. This will prevent the water in the bags from freezing. offers the 8-foot and the 10-foot individual bags as well as money saving 10 and 15 packs. 
Double Water Tube Bags
By choosing the double tube water bag you are getting a water bag that pulls double duty. It is made with about 33% heavier vinyl than single tube bags and with the double chamber water tube if one tube breaks then you still have the other tube to help hold down the cover. Double chamber tubes are not a heavy as the single chamber tubes so they are easier to move around when filled. Just as the single and corner water bags are filled; these double water tubes require a garden hose to fill them. They are made with a heavier material but it may still be a good idea to add some swimming pool anti freeze to them to prevent them from freezing up. It is recommended that you place the water bags near the edges of the swimming pool or about 18 inches away from the inside of the swimming pool edge. Placing them this way will get you better results.
Our double chamber water tubes are available as single purchases or in money saving 10  & 15 packs. The Double Water Tube Bags are available in 8 foot and 10 foot sizes.
Step Water Tubes
These tubes are a convenient way to make sure your step area is secure during the winter. Step Water Tubes are just like the single water tube only they are 1/2 the size (4 ft). They fit perfectly around the edges of your step without using a large 8 ft bag and having to curve it around the corners of the step. The step water tube is sold in a set of 2. Most Steps need 2 bags.
By using the water bags we mentioned here, you will be saving yourself time and money over the course of the winter as well as in the summer when you open your pool. With our water tubes you will have less stress over the winter by not worrying if your pool cover will come off from the weather or any other incidents that occur in the winter. You can buy water bags anywhere but you wont find the quality of bags that we sell here.
Never fill your water tubes 100%. Allow for ice expansion by only filling them 3/4 of the way.
Please note: Photos above are Stock Photos. Actual shade of blue may vary slightly.