Prestige Spa Soft Cover

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Prestige Spa Soft Cover
Need an inexpensive, yet effective spa cover ?
The spa soft cover is an alternative cover for portable spas. Air bladder inside adds support and increases insulation value. Helps keep heat in and unwanted visitors out ! Can be used in conjunction with a variety of Thermal Blankets for maximum heat retention. You can also use it to help protect your expensive hard thermal cover from unwanted damage and wear and tear.
4 models to choose from that fit 90% of all portable spas. Our Spa Soft Cover is easy to use, no Styrofoam, easy to store with an inflatable cover support underneath, and great for snow loads. Secured with 10 to 12 childproof locks.
Available in a variety of sizes to fit most spas.

SSC100 - Fits spas 48" x 72" to 60" x 84"
SSC200- Fits spas from 75" x 75" x 84" x 84"
SSC300 - Fits Spas from 85" x 85" x 96" x 96"
SSC400 - Fits Octagon spas up to 84"

Please note: This cover is not to be used as a "replacement" for a regular hard thermal spa cover. Use this in addition to your normal spa cover or for temporary applications.
**This is a non-stocking item. They are all made to order. Please allow an extra 10-14 days for delivery.