Pool And Hot Tub Chemical Deals

Pool And Hot Tub Chemical Deals

Posted by on June 29 2024

Pool And Hot Tub Chemical Deals

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This Week's Most Popular Swimming Pool Chemicals

3 Inch Hockey Puck Chlorine Tablets

3 Inch Hockey Puck Chlorine Tablets

From $79.99

Algaecide 60 Plus

Pool Water Algaecides

From $16.99

Alkalinity Increaser 5 Lbs

Ph Adjusting Chemicals

From $13.99

Pool Shock 1 Lb. Granular Bags

Pool Shock Granular - Bags And Cases

From $6.99

Water Clarifiers

Water Clarifiers

From $10.99

Metal Out Plus Stain & Scale Remover

Specialty Chemicals, Metal Out, Defoamer, Calcium Boost, Enzymes and More

From 12.99

This Week's Most Popular Hot Tub Chemicals

EcoOne Spa Monthly - 3 Month Refill Kit

Eco One 3 Month Refill Kit With 2 Lbs. Of ONE Shock Tabs


Eco One 6 Month Refill Kit

Eco One 6 Month Refill Kits

From $79.99

Leisure Time Renew Non Chlorine Shock Oxidizer for Hot Tubs and Spas

Leisure Time Renew Non-Chlorine Spa Shock 2.2 Lbs. And 5 Lbs.

From $29.99

Bromine Tablets

Leisure Time Bromine Tablets 2.2 Lbs. And 4 Lbs.

From $36.99

Leisure Time Bright & Clear Water Clarifier 1 Qt.

Leisure Time Bright & Clear Water Clarifier 1 Qt.


Leisure Time Foam Down

Leisure Time Defoamer Foam Down 1 Pint


Eco One ONE Shock 2 Lbs.

Eco One ONE Shock Tabs 2 Lbs.


This Week's Most Popular Article

What Is The Hamilton Index For Pool And Hot Tub Water?

Make adjusting your water chemistry a breeze using the Hamilton Index! And no, you don’t need any new chemicals either!

The Hamilton Index is a better way to adjust the chemicals in the water of swimming pools and hot tubs. It re-thinks all the old ways of testing and adjusting chemicals in order to give you better balanced water with much less cost and effort.

Here’s The History - In the mid 1990's a California chemical research group was looking for a way to improve the chemical sanitization of swimming pools and hot tub spas. What they developed was named the Hamilton Index. It involves rethinking the ways people have always been taught to handle pool and hot tub water chemistry.

Most of the pool and hot tub industry uses what is called the Langelier Saturation Index (LSI) for water balancing recommendations. The LSI was developed in the 1930’s for municipal water systems, and was required to be heavily modified to work for pools and spas. However it turns out that using LSI is not the best way to handle the water of pools and spas. The Hamilton Index was developed from the ground up to work specifically for the...


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